NaNo 2015 Update

Two weeks into NaNo and I’ve written just over 32k words. I’m halfway through the month, halfway through the book, and over 60% through with the NaNo word count. Things have been going smoother than I thought, which has been wonderful. Although, I have been slowed down by a wrist injury of some sort for the past few days. I had hoped to be up to 40k words by now.

I’m not sure if the sore wrist was just an unfortunate sleeping position or if it is an RSI of some sort, maybe a combination of both, but I’ve been icing and wrapping it and taking things slow. Typing isn’t too bad, but I know I’m not in any shape to do word sprints. I miss those. They are fun and challenging and a good way to get your word count up.

Other than that, things are on track. Here’s to the second half of the month going just as swimmingly!!