Alaska Is Gay

If you don’t believe me, just look at this rainbow:


Okay, so maybe it’s the Northern Lights and not a rainbow, but Alaska is the perfect setting for a story about two dudes falling in love. Mix one rugged outdoorsman with a city boy out of his element and what do you get? I’m not sure yet, but I plan to find out.

First of all, it’s massive. Alaska is the largest state in the US in terms of size, but it’s way down at the bottom, 48 out of 50, in regards to population, which means there are a lot of wide open spaces to bump uglies. In fact, there are more people living in my hometown of Fort Worth than there are in the whole state, and that doesn’t even include the entire DFW metroplex.

I need a moment, I just blew my own mind…here, look at this glacier while I collect my thoughts:

Now this polar bear getting ready for a swim:


Eisbär” by Ansgar Walk, CC BY 2.5

Where was I? Oh yes, this place is huge. It’s also cold and perfect for snuggling. The winters are long and so are the nights. Barrow is the northern most town in the state and doesn’t see the sun for over two months. If that isn’t the perfect invitation to stay curled up with a warm body hibernating all winter long, I don’t know what is.

It’s natural beauty is astounding, and it’s been on my list of places to visit for years. It’s mostly a huge forest filled with wildlife and rivers teeming with fish, one of its biggest exports other than oil and natural gas. And despite its snowy winters, there’s greenery to be found.

The Misty Fjords National Monument:

Way to be a downer, Lucie…

Anyway. I would love a chance to experience the native culture. My ancestors passed through Alaska a few thousand years ago on their way to Canada, but more on native cultures at a later date. In the mean time…

A moose:


Have you ever wanted to visit Alaska? If you already have, let me know because I’d love some first hand accounts. Even though I’ll be incredibly jealous.