Homegrown Yummies

I started a garden this year, or rather, I bought a few crops to test the waters. After successfully keeping my ivies and orchids alive for several years, I thought I’d see how I managed growing something edible.

  • Here’s my carrots (grown in a huge repurposed cooler):

So far, so good!

It took two weeks for the seeds to germinate and pop through the soil, and for two weeks I waited anxiously for them to emerge. A watched garden never grows, but these little babies finally did, and I’m so excited! They started as tiny seeds, and I can’t wait to see how they taste when I pop them out of the ground later this year.

  • Here’s the adorable strawberries:

So cute! I was surprised at how small this guy was, but I remembered that the produce we buy in the supermarkets are genetically enhanced to yield large fruit, a lot of times at the expense of flavor. These are supposed to be June bearing, but it’s been so warm here this “winter” that this guy is already starting to turn red.

I’m lucky that I haven’t found any pests yet, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. In the meantime, I plan to get a few more berry plants and maybe some tomatoes and lettuce. I have a few garlic cloves I need to plant as well.

Growing my own food is something I’d wanted to try for awhile now. If all goes well this year, I’ll invest in some heirloom plants. I have a habit of starting dreaming big, but there’s something to be said about starting slow.