Sex Demons

boo-1295226_960_720I will be wrapping up my first novel this week, which is a paranormal romance about a ghost who falls for the guy who rents the beach house he’s tied to. It’s taken me a lot longer than I anticipated, but I’ll be excited to see it finished.

Oddly I haven’t read very many paranormal romance books, so I felt like I was flying blind at times, especially during the sex scenes, but like a good writer and realist, I read my fair share of actual ghost stories in the name of research.

While I don’t believe in the supernatural myself, some of them were quite interesting as were the dozens of youtube videos I watched that claimed to have caught ghosts on camera. I’m not sure if it helped my writing, but it was a lot of fun!
As I was researching the term for the gay equivalent of a succubus–which I think is still considered an incubus–several stories caught my attention of people claiming they’d been attacked by these supposed sex demons. Some of these encounters were passive in nature in which people described being caressed with loving touches while others claimed they were held down by force and violated in one way or another.

I won’t claim to know what these people experienced, nor will I label them liars, but some of the stories sounded like cases of sleep paralysis to me. I suffer from bouts of it myself in fact. But I wouldn’t be surprised if encounters and stories involving sex demons arose to explain away things like a “virginal” woman turning up pregnant or the reason for wet dreams in times when things of that nature were considered forbidden. Or even earlier in human history when biology didn’t exist to explain such things.

cemetery-395953_960_720Assuming ghosts aren’t real, it’s interesting how many people have a tale to spin about them, but I think stories involving ghosts are just as engrained as the rest of our supernatural lore. Ghost encounters just happen to be more believable than a vampire or werewolf thanks to our mortality and an almost universal need to believe that something exists beyond this fleeting thing we call life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure people experience things that science can’t explain at this time, and I know the people who share these kinds of stories believe every word of what they say, but I choose to take ghost stories with a grain of salt as I focus on the interesting questions they raise about human nature and the possibility of life after death.

tux-161365_960_720Woo, this got a little more philosophical than I planned.

Anyway, this post was supposed to centered around me complaining about my disappoint in never having had such an encounter. Maybe I’m too skeptical for ghosts to bother with, they seem to like more pliable types, but would it hurt for a long lost relative to drop by from time to time? Rude.

I’m certainly open to the experience, but as with things like alien abduction, I don’t have high hopes that they’d want to make contact with the likes of me. I’d ask far too many questions.

Have you had an encounter with a ghost or otherworldly being?