Party Pooper


pirates-161803_960_720Andy couldn’t believe he let Liam talk him into dressing up as a pirate for Halloween. He much preferred passing out candy from the comfort of his living room, but Liam had insisted they do something different this year.

“I look like an idiot,” Andy whined, flopping down on the couch to wait on Liam. His boyfriend picked out the costumes, but maybe next time he’d think twice before giving him that much power. Liam tended to go a little overboard for holidays and he always ended up having to reel him back in.

“Stop messing with your wig,” Liam chided as he strutted out of the bedroom.

He had to admit his boyfriend looked hot in guyliner, but the plastic cutlass on Liam’s hip drew his attention. “You said I could have the big one.”

“What? You thought I was talking about swords?” Liam waggled his brows and Andy glared at him. “Fine.” He tossed the cutlass to Andy as he huffed and took the smaller sword sitting on the coffee table to put in its place. “Now can we go? I don’t want to miss the puppy costume contest.”

“You owe me big time.”

“Yeah, yeah… blow out the jack-o-lantern, will you?”

Andy got up and extinguished the candle in their tiny pumpkin. They had argued earlier about putting it outside on the porch, but Andy didn’t want to risk some idiot kids smashing it to pieces while they were gone. They worked hard on that thing. Or rather, he did. Liam had gotten ahead of himself and carved his too early. They watched it decompose for a few days before finally tossing it out.

“Okay, let’s get this over with.”


The party was in full swing when they arrived. They made it just in time to watch the pet costume contest, which Andy had to admit was adorable. A Pomeranian in a pumpkin costume won first place, but they took fourth in the human contest. Not bad considering the over-saturation of pirates in the crowd. Maybe next year he’d pick out their costumes.

After several drinks and some mingling, he started to enjoy himself. And by the end of the night, he had to concede he had a good time, but only after Liam sucked him off in the bathroom.

“Can we go home now?” Andy asked as he zipped up his pants.

He looked to Liam who was straightening his wig. “It’s not even midnight.”

“Yeah, but I have to get up early and go get discount candy. All the good stuff will be gone the later it gets, and I want to stock up on peanut m&ms.”

Liam laughed. “Well, if it’s nuts you want.”

Andy rolled his eyes but pinned Liam against the sink. “Then we can leave?”

Liam quirked a brow as a half smirk lifted the edges of his lips. Andy shrugged and descended to the floor, ignoring someone hollering for them to hurry up. It only made him want to draw it out even longer.

He didn’t bother fixing his wig after Liam had knocked it askew. Instead, he took his boyfriend’s hand when they had finished and ushered him through the crowd, waving goodbye’s as they went.

“You know, Betsy from the office has an ugly sweater party every Christmas,” Liam said as they slipped into their car.

Andy shot him a look that he hoped said, “Don’t push your luck,” but they both knew Liam would wear him down. Eventually. What could he say? He loved the dork. And he had to admit, Liam always made it worth his while.

Okay, my original idea for this week is getting pushed back to next week, but I hope you enjoyed this last minute substitution.

Next weeks prompt is a free space since I already have my idea. I’m hoping it will be nice and creepy for Halloween! *crosses fingers*