Notes to Myself

Okay, so I’m doing NaNo again–like I’ve said in an earlier post–against my better judgement, but I’m really hoping it’ll get me into a writing routine again. The shitty summer I had threw me off, and I just haven’t been able to recover from it.

Maybe one of my biggest problems is my enthusiasm for writing has been kind of low. I’ll get excited about an idea only for it to wane when I sit down to try and write. I can’t seem to maintain the level of love for an idea that I could in May. It’s becoming a real problem and I’m not sure what to do about it.

I know that if this happens in November, I will not make it to 50k. Sooo, I’m going to write this post for myself, and try and capture some of the excitement I feel about the idea I’ve decided to run with. Hopefully, I’ll be smart enough to revisit this if I run into trouble down the line.

Notes to myself:

A Sucker For You

ink-1582152_960_720This is your title. Pretty clever, huh, Luce? You like puns, and considering one of your main characters is a mischievous and adorable octopus, it fits. If you find yourself struggling, make this little guy do something cute, or devilish, by throwing a wrench into the MCs’ plans.

Do not let the octopus down or he will ink you! 


Remember that one night you stayed up till 2am reading that study about the scientists who amputated several octopi arms to see what would happen? Remember how sad yet informative it was? Well, suck it up and use that for fuel.



Sam and Finn deserve to be happy! You may not know them yet, and you may reach a point where you hate their stupid faces, but when you finally fall in love with them… oh boy, it’ll be worth it! It always is. So you better make it happen.

Or else you might find yourself in the shark tank….


These happen to be one of your favorite places in the world. All the fishes are amazing, and sure, the mixture of salt and humidity in the air makes your hair all frizzy, but it feels like home.

THIS IS YOUR SETTING! How can you not be excited by this?!


Look at these adorable faces/whole bodies:


I hope this gives you enough of a push to get back to it, but here’s some tips for when you need a break:

  • Take a walk
  • Pet your furbabies
  • Drink (preferably water, but I won’t hold alcohol against you)
  • GO TO THE AQUARIUM!!! In this instance, it’s a work thing; it’s allowed!
  • Read
  • Watch Dory
  • Check out some vids from the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Go outside and scream
  • Cry

But after you’ve had your little breakdown, pull yourself together and get back to work because I really want to know how this story turns out.