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Summer’s on the horizon, and so is the release of Past the Breakers. My first novel follows a hauntingly handsome pro surfer and a down-on-his-luck chef as they try to co-exist in a quaint little beach house in a sleepy coastal town. Grab your Ouija board, wax your surf board, and join the séance on my blog tour!

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PasttheBreakers_FINALJoin the seance with Myles & Casey!

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Casey North lost everything when his restaurant burned to the ground: his hopes, his dreams, his reason for living. With nothing tying him to LA, he packs up and moves back to his hometown of Land’s End. He takes up residence in beach house and attempts to shake the depression he’s fallen into after his life collapsed. There’s just one tiny problem: the ghost haunting his kitchen.

Myles Taylor wasn’t always trapped in the Between. One minute, he was about to propose to his boyfriend of five years as they sat out on their surfboards, and the next, he woke up on the beach to find his long dead uncle walking toward him. After his shock fades, he must learn to navigate his new reality as he searches for a way to move into the Great Beyond. But first he must deal with the man who’s invaded his territory.

With Myles tied to the beach house and Casey unwilling to leave it, the two must learn to cohabitate as the lines separating them begin to blur. They grow closer than either expected, their love transcending the barriers threatening to keep them apart, but what will become of them once Myles finally escapes the Between?​


31 thoughts on “Blog Tour | Past the Breakers

  1. jenf27 says:

    I would think I was dreaming or somehow else seeing things. While I love ghost stories, I don’t believe they are real.

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    • I don’t think ghosts are real either, so I would definitely think my eyes are playing tricks on me. I must say, it was kind of strange writing a ghost story when I don’t believe in them. 😀

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  2. Ami says:

    I’ve never encountered ghost (and I don’t want to!) but I had feelings of other beings before, you know when you felt like being creeped out. So maybe I will just close my eyes or run away screaming

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    • I think it would be fun too, especially if the ghost was friendly. Most people assume they’re malevolent, which is why a lot of the comments have been mainly fear based.


  3. Jess A Jaye says:

    I think at first I would be so shocked I’d be frozen on the spot. Then I would run screaming for the hills. Actually not sure the hills would be that safe. I know I’ll call the Ghostbusters instead.

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    • Haha, yeah, alcohol might have an effect on lots of things. But I agree, I’d be more inclined to run if the spirit looked scary than if it was just some mist or looked like Casper.


  4. Peaches says:

    Remember in Harry Potter when Hermione was petrified? That would be me. Frozen scared, right on the spot, probably not even able to summon a scream! By the way, mango salsa is one of my favorites too. 😉

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    • Mmm, mango salsa! But yes, freezing in place is a valid reaction. I probably won’t scream either, but only because I wouldn’t want to draw attention to myself.


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