Blog Tour: Wrap Up


I’m wrapping up my blog tour with two stops today. First we have an interview with Jake Wylder at Love Bytes, which is super fun, and then I drop by Renee Stephens’s blog to offer a first look at Abstract Heart, my short story for Dreamspinner Press’s Love Wins anthology. Be sure to check both of those out, as well as any stops you might’ve missed, to enter my giveaway for your chance to win an Amazon gift card!

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Blog Tour: Day 2


Dreamspinner Press graciously allowed me a spot on their blog today for my Taming the Wyld tour. On my second stop, I offer up some info about Alaska that I learned during my research and talk about how I tied it in with the book. Come check it out!

In the Name of Research

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eve-1071352_960_720Have a drink on me!

Taming the Wyld was accepted for publication by Dreamspinner Press! The contract is signed, and the wait is over. I’m super excited to be the newest member of the Dreamspinner team of amazing authors and I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the process that will go into making it the best story it can be.

The whole process from writing the first word to getting the contract only took 2 months and 2 days. I’m fortunate to have some pretty great luck in that my first submission was accepted, and I hope that everyone who picks up a copy when it’s out (tentatively sometime in Sept/Oct) will be met with great joy. It was such an easy novella to write. The words poured out of me, and I knew from the beginning that it was going to be something special.

I’m super proud of it. And I can’t wait to share it with the world!

(And if you heard a strange sound a few hours ago, that was just me screaming from the rooftops!)

Alaska Out, Bermuda In

I have finished Taming the Wyld!

I’m very happy about that. It clocks in at just over 34k words and is packed full of Alaska, snark, and romance. What a great combination!

I’ve had my two lovely alpha readers and a beta reader look it over, and they all highly approve. I’m going to do a little more tweaking then send the manuscript in two months ahead of my intended deadline, but when you have the muse on your side, you have to capitalize on it.

After that, I suppose it’ll be time for the waiting game. I still feel like I have no idea what I’m doing here, but that’s my normal state really. The writing is solid, but I supposed I’ve read enough stories about people sending manuscripts into publishers only to be rejected 99 times that it has me hesitating to get my hopes up. I have some great cheerleaders in my corner, though. They believe in me, as cheesy as that sounds, but it helps immensely.

It’s a bit intimidating to share something you’ve created, that was born out of your being, to be judged and critiqued, but that’s one of the hazards of being a writer, of aspiring to put something out there for others to (hopefully) enjoy. But you never really know how a story will be received until you share it. It’s a double-edged sword.

I’ve had a lot of fun researching and writing this novella and I’m sure there will be more posts about Alaska to come, but in the mean time, I have claimed Bermuda from DSP’s World of Love series (since I had so much fun with this one). So now we’ll be going from the wilds of Alaska to the pink sand beaches of Bermuda!

Character Colors

I found the following picture of blue ice framing a cruise ship in Alaska during my research and thought it was absolutely stunning.

Not only is it beautiful, but it’s the inspiration for one of my main characters in Taming the Wyld. He has eyes this shade. Most people don’t know that below the surface, which is usually a dirty white, glaciers have this amazing hue underneath, and that pretty much sums up his character. He’s snarky and, pardon my lack of finesse, an asshole, but he’s got heart under all the vibrato. 

In contrast, my second main character has eyes as green as the auroras. He’s more reserved and lets his actions speak for him, but he has reasons for that, pretty important ones. It’s strange, but I think these reasons are partly why I’m finding it harder to get to know him than it has been with his dashing bush pilot.

Writing and creating characters is such a surreal experience for me. To know that these “people” didn’t exist before I jotted them down on virtual paper was a pretty heady thing to take in when this concept first hit me, but now they feel so real. And not just the main characters, but all the supporting ones as well.

I’ve written a few original characters before, but this is the first time I feel really connected to them, that I feel attached and proud of who they are. At the same time, I don’t feel like they are mine. I don’t feel like I created them at all. They have backstories and families, friends and even job histories, so maybe they’ve been in me all along, maybe they were always there and all I’m doing now is setting them free. 

Regardless, I have a lot more work to do on TTW, and I know it’ll be an amazing experience to learn even more about everyone as I go along.

And speaking of beautiful colors, I leave you with a breathtaking Alaskan sunset: